Fighting Faith

This is after a discussion with a friend…

Having faith means the ability to withstand questioning and doubt. Its not wrong to say one has faith. I have faith in the goodness of humanity. Time  and again I have been made to question that faith. Is it a need? Or some truthful insight that I am privileged to perceive?

Those are important questions and should not be ignored ones asked. However, admittance of faith is perhaps the first step. I guess faith is important. Now, I don’t mean faith only in the sense of the God argument. Look at from an extremely religious person point of view, telling them that chanting Hanuman Chalisa would  not really cure them of the fever is basically asking them to put it on faith. Worse, faith on Science. Yes, yes, one can ALWAYS show them what is the biological process behind fever which would imply the way of curing also in a scientific way. But practically speaking, he or she would have to take a lot of fact on the face value, even if there is a notion of presenting more scientific evidence for satisfying their infinite doubt regression, because to know more this way is asking for time and energy. So why ‘waste’ that on this new way of dealing with regular phenomenon? Is not faith easier?

Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to mock or ridicule faith (ok I may be a bit but that’s not the point). I am just questioning the scope of the term itself and what is it become associated with today. There was a time when atheists or doubts had to be careful or ashamed for not having enough ‘insight’. But today it’s the people with living with traditional customs and belief  in a modern rational world that suffer.

They almost admit to their belief and faith in an apologetic way. Not as simple as ‘I-am-sorry-I-believe’ more like ‘I-know-there-is-a-lot-of-hogwash-in-religion-but-I-can’t-help-sense-there-is-some-divine-power-that-I-feel-good-praying-to’. They do not seem to be too moved by the Science vs Religion debate or any philosophical discussion, because to them its not about talking and coming to some consensual agreement like ‘So that’s why there is probably no God’ (They would probably have an impassive expression at this point).


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One response to “Fighting Faith”

  1. myatheistlife says :

    There are those that distinguish faith in religion from faith that the sun will rise again tomorrow morning by labeling religious faith as ‘blind faith’ or faith in something for which there is no evidence.

    It’s good to have faith in humanity, or the loyalty of your pet, or anything for which there is some evidence. Religious faith or blind faith… well, not so much.
    Wishful thinking is generally not a good attitude to go through life with. I wish I had a better car; I wish people would not wear that style; I wish summer was longer and so on. It maintains a negative attitude. Faith in prayer puts a positive spin on things but accomplishes not one thing more. I wish for aunt mary to be healed of cancer; I wish for my crippled neighbor to walk again; I wish for world peace; I wish that the president will make good decisions for our country; I wish that my family will be safe today. Now replace ‘wish’ with ‘pray’ and see if the meanings change at all… the results won’t.

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