Irony of Life

12:39 AM

Friend: I thought about what you said…me going through a pattern repeatedly. You were right.

Me: yeah… listen about that… I am sorry. I should have not said anything.. I hate that about myself at times..

Friend: What do you hate about yourself?

12:40 AM

Me: talking in anthropological or scientific way about emotions and the effect takes away the perceived human unique experience


at times, I forgot how you may take it..

12:41 AM

Friend: unique piece you are.

Me: yeah.. i hate that about myself at times too :P..

12:42 AM

its like then suddenly I feel naked.. as if the social facade I put on has slipped off..

until someone reminds me by their reaction…

like right now you did


Friend: I am guilty.

Me: no you are not..

you are just human

12:43 AM

reacting like one..

which is normal

sometimes I should too..

12:44 AM

Friend: and you are not human? that’s what you mean?

Me: no..

I am as much human.. perhaps more in some way.. 😛

12:45 AM

but most of us are humans in a very socially-constructed way..

like there are things to be said and a way to say them…

for it to feel…right

12:46 AM

even if it may or may not be the truth

..but to me… being human is not JUST about adhering to socially constructed norms and reactions..

12:47 AM

talking about things in a very primal, rational way doesn’t mean that there is no poetry in it…

Friend: i know all this

Me: ..but it doesn’t come that naturally, right?

12:48 AM 😛

Of course, you know all this.. this is nothing new..

Friend: see, things that don’t come to you naturally, you don’t do that.

and things that don’t come to me naturally

I don’t do that

Me: yeah

Friend: its cool right

12:49 AM

Me: but unfortunately the way the world and we human being function…

12:50 AM

your way is more preferable to others than mine..

what seems natural to you, I mean…

12:51 AM

making me be careful about what i should express about what I think and feel by making it sound natural and genuine

even if it may not be it..

which to me is the fascinating thing…

12:52 AM

Friend: fascinating to me too.

12:53 AM

Me: 😉

but don’t get me wrong.. its not like I think I am too different and rest all are same…

the beauty of life is that each of us are different…

12:54 AM

and the mystery is that while we are, I yet feel more different than others in a specific social context

12:55 AM

the funny part is that while at one level people get astonished, shocked, mesmerized or freaked out with the fact that I feel that way…

at another level, they empathize or atleast try with some of it..

as if they feel that way too…

12:56 AM

making the sense of alienation a common collective, shared feeling

…which to me is IRONY OF LIFE


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