Besides a keen interest in science, literature and history, Anupriy Kanti shows a prominent ability to sketch (portraits, characters, scenery etc.) and draws well. While being an aspiring Film-maker, Anupriy specializes in calligraphy and graphic designing, working as a professional in many projects (including INDIA Redefined). As a seasoned debater, his  oratory skills have been well utilized in various forums like ‘Global Youth conclave 2007’, ‘Initiative for peace’ (organized by Hong Kong UWC) and many inter-schools/inter-house Debates and elocution competitions, where as leader, he has led his teams to win various awards.  His leadership quality in Paigaam (An Indo Pak peace conference), which he initiated and organized, has now become a full-fledged international movement.  Though a voracious reader and a knowledge seeker, what really fascinates him is the undefined extent to which human creativity can stretch to. He is now studying in Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology where he is doing Advance Diploma Program with specialization in Experimental Media Arts.

Having an active imagination, a strong personality and yet a soft heart, he is loved and admired by his peers. 


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