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Road Map for 2012-13 (and beyond)

A reflective documentation I have done recently, so as to see how I want to take this coming year.

While making up the road map, I decided to ask (and answer) myself the following questions –

  1. What am I interested in doing?
  2. What will help me become more skilled and knowledgeable to follow that interest?
  3. Where can I use and apply that interest?


What am I interested in doing?

During the vacations, I had time to reflect and think about what I want to do. I looked back at the first year in Srishti as an ADP, and traced all the things I like doing and have done – designing, sketching, writing.

It is Concept development. It cannot be understated that everything begins with an idea and I firmly believe in it. I like to not just think of ideas but expand on them into concepts and then presenting them in the most relevant and relevant way.

What will help me become more skilled and knowledgeable to follow that interest?

Since ideating and developing concepts needs one  to venture into new line of thinking and unchartered territories, it is good to experiment and try new mediums and forms.

I think as skills I want to be further adept in Visual Communication as I already have a interest and some familiarity with it.

I would like to learn and deepen my skills in Motion Graphics. Not only does it seem to be an interesting field for me but a crucial one that has a lot of scope in many industries. Apart from design and aesthetics, knowledge of typography will help become more honed in this.

Technical knowledge will be essential. Last year, I was introduced to many new forms and applications like Processing, Nodebox etc. These can be very useful in presenting (and implementing) certain outputs of an idea. While I have played and explored them at a basic level, I would like further practice to improve my skills and confidence in these softwares.

I want my portfolio at the end of the year to reflect these elements. Hopefully, with your help and guidance, I can customize and tailor my way taking and doing courses, projects and workshop in Srishti this year.

Where can I use and apply that interest?

I have been looking up at various companies and workplace where they would need and value concept development as an integral part.

First and foremost, I could think of Ad Agencies and Creative Boutiques as they specialize into this.

I personally would like to believe that this Road Map is not written in indelible ink but in pencil, though I would not use that as an excuse to modify it for convenience but to keep the reference for my journey in synch with what I want…